Join S.K.I.T. in Narnia.

Buy tickets for The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

Come explore the land of Narnia where it’s always winter but never Christmas with Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. In this classic story by C.S.Lewis, you and the four children will stumble through an old wardrobe into the land of Narnia, where animals talk and magic exists, where a White Witch can entice with Turkish Delight and a great lion, Aslan can bring good to the world once again. What a great way to start off your Christmas season!

Performances are Dec 5, 12, & 13 @ 7 pm and Dec 6 & 13 @ 2 pm.

Tickets are $5 for children (2-12), $7 for students/seniors (13-18/55+), and $9 for adults.

Buy 5 tickets and receive 1 free.
Buy 10 tickets and receive 2 free.
Be sure to put at least 6 or 12 tickets in your order to receive the discount.

Tickets are reserved seats and can be purchased online or at the door.
Performances are held at Bethany Baptist Church, 1150 Hilfiker Rd, Salem.

Public dress rehearsal is Dec 4. All tickets are $5 and general seating, available at the door.