The Pink Panther Strikes Again

Students 6th grade – 12th grade are invited to audition for S.K.I.T.’s presentation of The Pink Panther Strikes Again. Auditions will be held at Salem First Free Methodist Church on September 19 and 20, 2015.

Use this link to sign-up for an audition time. Only sign up for ONE group audition time. You will receive a confirmation email with your audition packet (including audition script) once your submission has been processed.

Optional: A memorized monolog can be presented for the audition panel separate from a group audition. You must sign up for the monolog audition separately from the group audition. Use the link above to do both. Monologs must be no longer than 2 minutes and you will be expected to participate in a group audition as well.


Auditions will take place in groups of 20. Each group will participate in improvisation games and cold readings from the script. All auditioners must stay for the entire audition.

Casting choices will be narrowed down after initial auditions. Some actors will be called back to do further read-throughs from the show.

Call-backs – Monday, September 21, 6:30 – 9 pm

Rehearsals / Performances

The Pink Panther Strikes Again rehearsals are Thursday nights from 6:30 pm – 9 pm and Saturdays from 9:30 am – 12:30 pm. All rehearsals are held at Salem First Free Methodist Church. Performances are January 14-23, 2016. No absences are allowed the last two weeks of rehearsals. View the complete schedule.

Plot Outline

The world’s most unusual criminologist, Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau fights for his life and for the future of all mankind. Paul Dreyfus, once his long-suffering boss, now a raving lunatic, holds the world at bay with the ultimate weapon – The Doomsday Machine. Blissfully unaware of the army of deadly assassins gunning for him, or that the beautiful girl who seeks him out is actually a Russian agent, Clouseau incredibly stumbles and slips by every attack. At the last moment when it seems Clouseau is out of luck, he fires from the hip and hits – our funnybone!

Cast of Characters (35)

Clouseau – Chief Inspector of the Surete
Francois – Clouseau’s driver
Cato – Clouseau’s butler
Dreyfus – former Chief Inspector; Clouseau’s arch-enemy
Dr Duval – Dreyfus’ psychiatrist
Dr Fassbender – inventor of Doomsday Machine
Margot – Dr Fassbender’s daughter
Olga – Russian agent; Clouseau’s love

Dr Fassbender’s Staff
Jarvis – Dr Fassbender’s butler
Mrs Japonica – Dr Fassbender’s maid
Mrs Leverlilly  – Dr Fassbender’s housekeeper
Mrs Bullock – Dr Fassbender’s cook
Mr Shork – Dr Fassbender’s gardener
Mrs Stutterstutt – Dr Fassbender’s beekeeper

Scotland Yard
Drummond – Inspector
McLaren – Inspector

Bad Guys
Tournier -Bank robber
Cairo Fred – Henchman
Hindu Harry – Gangster
Assassins – Waitress, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Swede, Arabian, German girl
Mafia-types – Henchmen

Inmate“Indian” inhabitant, lunatic asylum
Orderlie(s) – Staff at same asylum
Chuck – Head waiter, Mirage Club
Emcee – Works at Mirage Club
Couples – spectators at Mirage Club
French Lady & Man – lovers at restaurant
Waiter – Works at restaurant
Technician – Staff at Dreyfus TV studio
Messengers – Bearers of bad news for Clouseau
Desk Clerk – German male
Desk Clerk – Old German female
Pink Panthers – Stage Crew