S.K.I.T. is holding auditions for The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe on Friday, September 19 and Saturday, September 20.

Audition sessions

Monologue auditions
Friday, September 19 @ 5-6 pm OR
Saturday, September 20 @ 9-10 am

Group auditions
Friday, September 19 @ 6-7:30 pm OR
Friday, September 19 @ 7:30-9 pm OR
Saturday, September 20 @ 10-11:30 am OR
Saturday, September 20 @ 11:30 am-1 pm

Audition format

Auditioners will be seen in groups of 18.  Each group will participate in improvisation games & cold readings from the script.  **All auditioners must stay for entire audition.

* NEW:  Those who struggle with cold readings may sign up to perform a memorized monologue at a time separate from group auditions. Monologues must be no shorter than 1 minute and no longer than 2 minutes. You will still be expected to try at cold reading in group auditions.

To reserve an audition slot, use this link. You only need to sign up for ONE of the group audition sessions. If you will perform a memorized monologue, only sign up for one of those sessions.

You will receive a confirmation email outlining your audition date, start time, and audition readings. If you have questions about the format, please email


Sunday, September 21 @ 2-4:30pm
Casting choices will be narrowed down after initial auditions.  Some actors will be called back to do further read-throughs from the show.

Publishing the cast list

The cast list will be published on the S.K.I.T. website once final decisions have been made. A mandatory parent/actor meeting & read-thru is scheduled for Thursday, September 25 @ 6:30-8:30 pm. The meeting will be held at Bethany Baptist Church, 1150 Hilfiker Lane, Salem.

Rehearsal / Performance Schedule

Rehearsals will be held on Mondays, Fridays, and Saturdays starting September 27, 2014. Five performances will be held December 5-13, 2014.
View the rehearsal/performance schedule hereThe rehearsal scheduled has been updated on 9.1.14.

Plot Outline

When the Pevensie children, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy are sent out of London during World War II, to an old country house.  The children stumble through an old wardrobe to the land of Narnia, where animals talk and magic exists. In this first story of Narnia written by C.S. Lewis, it tells the story of how these four children with the help of Aslan, the Great Lion, defeat the White Witch who holds Narnia. Lucy, the youngest is the first to enter Narnia where she meets Mr. Tumnus the faun who confesses to her that he is an agent of the White Witch and is supposed to capture any humans he meets. The Witch has held Narnia under an enchantment which makes it always winter and never Christmas. The only way the Witch can be defeated is to have four humans sit on the throne at the castle of Cair Paravel.  Lucy returns home but no one believes her.  Soon Edmund follows Lucy into the world, meets the White Witch, tastes Turkish Delight & promises to bring his siblings. Finally, all of the children go through the wardrobe into Narnia. There they go on a journey to rescue Tumnus, find Aslan the Great Lion and defeat the White Witch forever. During the journey to find Aslan, Edmund betrays his siblings and goes to join the White Witch becoming her prisoner. After his rescue, the witch approaches Aslan claiming the right to Edmund’s life. Aslan goes willingly in Edmund’s place, letting her kill him. Lucy and Susan secretly watch as he is shorn of his mane, tied up and killed. Then suddenly he appears to them alive again and leads them to the aid of Peter’s army defeating the Witch forever. The children spend years in Narnia growing up to be Kings and Queens until one day they are hunting in the woods and find their way back to their own world through the Wardrobe. There they are children again and find that no time at all has passed.

 Cast of Characters – 30

Aslan – a great lion
White Witch – an evil queen
Lucy – a curious young girl
Edmund – a doubter, the younger brother
Susan – the older, more serious sister
Peter – the brave, oldest brother
Mr Beaver – forest animal
Mrs Beaver – forest animal
Unicorn – forest animal
Centaur – forest animal
Tumnus – a faun
Fenris Ulf – a wolf, head of the Witch’s secret police
Dwarf – a servant to the witch
Father Christmas – a bringer of gifts
Elf – Father Christmas’ helper
White Stag – an elusive omen of good fortune
Aslan’s Followers – forest animals, 4 actors needed
Witch’s Army – evil villains, 8 actors needed
Woodnymphs – stage helpers, 2 actors needed